Wendy Stokes

A professional artist since 1980, Wendy Stokes lives in coastal region of Northern NSW, where her daily ritual walks along the coastal fringe play an integral part to her art practice. Wendy has exhibited extensively throughout Australia and internationally, including Montreal, Hong Kong and Seoul. She is represented in many public galleries and museums including The National Gallery of Australia, Print Council of Australia, Bathurst Regional Gallery, Parliament House (Canberra), and numerous corporate collections. Her work has been featured in not only successful solo exhibitions across Australia, but group shows and abundant finalist art awards, including The Dobell Drawing Prize and The Glover Art Prize.

Wendy’s recent collection of paintings, “The Nymphéas: in conversation”, were created while exploring the work of with impressionist painter Claude Monet (1840-1926) and his Giverny water garden studies. The immersive landscape experience explores the boundaries of water and atmosphere, combined with the psychological connection to place.

“The paintings became a filter, through which air, light, space and mark could hover and suspend allowing the mark to oscillate between abstraction, landscape and fluid geographies.” – Wendy Stokes

Her subject matter is oriented less toward the land than the ethereal and sublime - and suggests that, through Monet, she has found an alternative approach that links into an eastern sensibility. Parts of the white primed canvas are left open and untouched, and these offer the viewer an imaginative space within a multiplicity of colours from sky and sea – purples, blues and greys. Wendy immerses the viewer into the canvas, evoking memories and familiarity through the tones, the depth and the capturing of our organic Australian light. Her intention is clear: “Landscape is a spatial experience of nature - rather than a view”. Her contemporary abstract approach to the Australian coast bring the viewer in, moving with the colours as we might reminisce of our own time swimming or walking along our celebrated beaches and water landscapes.