Salvador Dali

REDSEA Gallery presents for the first time in Brisbane, works from the ‘SALVADOR DALI: The Argillet Collection’ by Surrealist master, Salvador Dali. All original etchings from the Pierre Argillet Collection have been authenticated and signed by Salvador Dali.


The works on display offer a rare glimpse into the friendship between Dali and his publisher, Pierre Argillet. Pierre Argillet was an avid collector of Futurist, Dadaist and Surrealist works and had, from very early on, met with the major artists of the 20th century. But it was with Salvador Dali that a long and fruitful collaboration developed. Together as artist and publisher, Dali and Argillet produced nearly 200 etchings over a period that stretched 30 years. Dali and Argillet would have long discussions about literature, a topic Dali would then illustrate and can be viewed in this show.


Salvador Dali was one of the most provocative artists of the twentieth century, a surrealist painter and printmaker celebrated for his unusual exploration of dreams and reality. The etchings included in the exclusive display allow for a look into the mind of such an incredible artist.

Pierre Argillet’s daughter, Christine Argillet, knew Dali personally and described him as, “the most humble, simple, and genuinely sweet person on earth”. It is Christine who has striven to have this collection presented across the world in the finest international galleries. The works from the Pierre Argillet Collection demonstrate high standards of quality, and the impassioned collaboration between an artist and his publisher.


The Argillet Collection has appeared in museums throughout the world, and has enjoyed a home at the Museum of Surrealism in Melun, France as well as in the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.