Ross Jones

Despite the vibrancy and colour of Jones’s artwork, an inherent stillness calmly radiates from all his images. This stillness can be traced back to Ross Jones’s small town upbringing in a quiet town named Otaki, north of Wellington, New Zealand.
This country pace of life manifests itself in Jones’s artwork as idyllic snapshots bathed in an permanent orange sunset, and yet, his use of shadows portray a drama that vibrates between the serene and sinister. Essentially, Jones’s paintings are about telling stories; they are a mixture of seemingly perfect places and events, but like all good stories not everything is as it seems. His works delicately portion out information to intrigue and inspire the viewer; from there it’s up to them to fill in the gaps and create their own story - and as Jones’s is fond of saying, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”
After graduating from the School of Design in Wellington in the early 90’s, Jones spent the next 15 years working on commissioned paintings for clients around the world. He now paints full time, creating these effervescent worlds and complex stories of everyday life. Today, Ross Jones paints from the front room of a traditional Victorian style Villa in Mt Eden, Auckland. Crammed full of books, old tin toys, and even a very old cat, Jones looks for the simple beauty in anything that could inspire his next creation. His sketch books are full ideas itching to be realised but each must wait for their turn at Ross’s precise and masterful brush. His Paintings are held in Corporate and Private Collections in England, Ireland and North America. Some of these include Bank of America, Penguin Books New York, The Wall St Journal and Time Inc. Ross was a finalist in New Zealand’s prestigious "Walker and Hall Art Awards" 2011.