Roman Longginou

Completing his Bachelors degree (Honours) in Fine arts Visual arts, Roman Longginou is a young Australian contemporary artist whose practice reinterprets and explores the tradition of Vanitas.


Primarily working with 2D media, specifically using charcoal and mineral pigments, Longginou’s visual language is informed both by an affinity with and critical view of commercial luxury imagery. Representing elements of such content, his use of clothing emulates both the human figure and its absence through an implied sense of spatial presence.


In this way, the content of his drawings engage with clothing as a form of surface. However, this process is challenged by negating parts of the original image and applying monochromatic fields of colour. In such cases his work depicts instances of clothing ripped apart by violent colour interventions and deformed or isolated images backed by stark white voids. Ensuing from this, a kind of contradiction takes place within his works, colliding both verisimilitude with notions of abstraction.


However, the content of his work is presented in such a way that its subject matter primarily focusses on surface and contradiction, in relation to the idea of a human being present within the work. Producing deeply shallow images, these processes act as a form of Memento Mori and remind us of the transient nature of life.