Philipp Meier

Born in 1976, Philipp grew up between Germany and New Zealand, but now lives on the North Island of NZ. Philipp’s creative bug began at the age of 10 designing and making furniture. Years of fine tuning his craft led to his first major award “The Young Designer of the Year” in 1995 and 1996.
Inspired by his natural surroundings, Philipp began exploring the dialogue between engineering and quality material, leading his studies to Architecture, Building and Design.

After receiving a BA in Visual Arts & Design at EIT, Philipp was asked to participate in the design of a new Sculpture Park in Auckland. It was here where he created the Stainless Steel Pukeko (Large Bird from the Rallidae Family) and subsequently fell in love with sculpture.
Philipp Meier has worked extensively with public art projects; his first public work was the largest ever commissioned by the Napier City Council in 2008. Since then Philipp has produced numerous public sculpture commissions around New Zealand such as his 2015 “The Crossing” for Iona Girls College and a 2016 public sculpture, “Flight of the Return” for Napier City Council. He has also created sculptural playgrounds; projects undertaken in collaboration with Isthmus Landscape Architects.

His work incorporates a wide variety of animals, including kangaroos, polar bears, rabbits, herons, and many other species. Each are made out of stainless steel and as Philipp pushes material limitations, his craftsmanship and experimentation develops his practice into a defined and beautiful art form.

Philipp states, “What I find interesting is even though animals don’t speak our language, they have character and through their many expressions, you almost start to understand them. It is this expression and their character that I try to capture”.