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Lincoln Townley studies now available

Limited Edition Studies NOW AVAILABLE (more…)
Gary Winfeild Alterverse copy


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In the Studio with Roman Longginou

In lead up to his debut exhibition, we sat down with Roman Longginou in his Brisbane studio to uncover what his latest collection, “Torn” is about and how he stays inspired. (more…)

‘Surprise’ at Brisbane Powerhouse

"The Surprise Collection" by Lincoln Townley is coming to the Brisbane Powerhouse, August 17th until October 1st, 2017. (more…)
Nothing. Life. Object. (beetle VII), 145cm x 90cm

5 minutes with Young-sung Kim

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1973, Young-sung Kim is a Korean and New York City based artist. Young-sung Kim creates hyper-real paintings exploring contrasting subject matters to illustrate the differences between the living and the material... Read what he had to say about his incredible collection, 'coexistence' - in the gallery this November. (more…)
Birds of Paradise Pink, 100cm x 250cm


REDSEA Gallery is happy to announce our NEW wedding gift registry. (more…)
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Understanding Abstract Art

The number one thing to know about abstract art, is that it is open for interpretation! (more…)
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Why Should You Buy and Own Art?

Owning original art has numerous benefits. Providing a lifetime of enjoyment, art has the ability to improve our well-being and appreciation for life in general.   (more…)
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How to Hang Art at Home

Everyone's first time hanging an artwork is always slightly awkward. A mess of measuring tape, spirit levels, pencils, d-rings, wire and the list just goes on. Here are a few tips to make hanging artwork in your home less of an ordeal. (more…)
Grandfather's Farm II, 198cm x 120cm  $4,200.00

6 Tips On Buying Art For Your Home

Art can bring energy into your home, change the ambiance of the room and create beautiful memories of a moment in time in your life. Here are some quick tips on helping you decide how to choose that work of art. (more…)