Neil Douglas

With representation in major Galleries in London and Paris, Neil is establishing himself across Europe as an artist to watch. Recently arriving on our shores, Neil now calls Brisbane home and is looking to build on his ever growing reputation.

His current collection of paintings titled 'So it Goes' incorporate individual pieces along with larger triptychs. They emphasize the contrast of nature amid manmade structures, the vibrant colours found in nature, particularly spring blossom, against the muted greys of concrete. They also bring Neil to question concepts of ageing and mortality, against a backdrop of the renewal of the seasons. Neil states, "These are issues that usually lead to more questions than answers, but in which I can find comfort through my pursuit of them in the studio."

For Neil, the painting process involves stepping back and slowing the pace; providing time to analyse thoughts and consider his role within the chaos outside. His work portrays the beauty and decay of the urban landscapes, focusing on neighbourhoods in London, his hometown of Bristol, and Brisbane where Neil is currently based. He states, "I’m attracted to areas where histories remain evident through the deterioration and degradation. While these cities have their own individual identities and distinct pasts, I prefer to draw from these landscapes the shared passing of time, as generations of people, and of buildings, give way to the next."

Weeks are spent applying different shades of primer, plaster, modelling paste and fired clay into the canvas surface. As the layers form the variety of textures inform the composition of the final image. The painted image is sourced from a combination of sketches, photographs and collage. Neil retains as many of the painting processes as possible in the final piece; the paintings by their very nature are a documentation of time passing.

Neil studied Fine Art at the University of Wolverhampton, England.