Lincoln Townley

Lincoln Townley is becoming one of the world’s most famous contemporary artists. His work has been exhibited at major international galleries including the National Gallery, TATE Modern, the Royal Academy of Arts in London and most soon to be exhibiting in Saatchi Gallery.

The work is collected by connoisseurs of art and many high profile individuals, celebrities and art collectors alike, many of whom share a fascination with the mesmeric and turbulent themes of his work that reflect the story of his rise of becoming a phenomenal success story in the art world. He has gone on to be commissioned to paint the world’s biggest stars that include people like Al Pacino, Madonna, Robert Downey Jr, Gary Oldman, Mickey Rourke and Sir John Hurt amongst several others. Sir Michael Caine hailed him as the ‘next Andy Warhol’.


The success of his distinctive ICON portraits saw Lincoln achieve a sellout show at BritWeek, Los Angeles, while his limited edition prints are still in constant demand.

Lincoln Townley’s original oil paintings capture faces and figures with intense application, creating a conversation about the human soul. Lincoln talks about his paint application saying, “My paintings are about impact and strength. I wanted more colour, more depth and more texture.”

Lincoln’s W1 collection explores the underbelly of London; the chaos and energy, the turmoil and intense emotion captured through oil and canvas.

His Hollywood Collection is symbolic of mankind’s hunger for fame and adoration; monuments representing our cravings for excess.

His new Las Vegas Collection, will explore man’s desire for gaming, lit by neon lights and the crazed casino environment. Set to be shown at the Wynn Casino, Las Vegas in 2016.