Leigh Hewson-Bower

Leigh Hewson-Bower was born in 1947 in Melbourne, Australia, and has a reputation as one of Australia’s finest interpreters of coastal landscapes. In 1967, after four years of study at Caulfield Institute of Technology, he graduated with a Diploma of Fine Arts in Painting. Whilst there, Hewson-Bower was granted the annual Student Prize award for three consecutive years.
In 1983, Leigh moved to Perth to help set up a production company for the construction and painting of theatre sets. The years that followed saw him painting backdrops for the Australian Ballet, full sets for the West Australian Ballet and Opera, Australian Opera, and in addition, pursuing career as an artist, exhibiting at Perth Galleries.
The success of his landscape and seascape paintings, has seen him continue a pursuit of excellence that began many years ago with a young boy fascinated by the astonishing technical skills by Masters such as Rembrandt, Van Eyck and Pierre Bonnard.
Over the last fifteen years, the success of his landscape paintings has allowed him to devote himself exclusively to his work as an artist. The subject ranges from the rivers and waterfalls of the Kimberley to the south coast of Western Australia and the east coast of New South Wales, and the tropical seascapes of the Maldives and Indonesia.