Kristian Williams

A Brisbane-born recipient of the Minister’s Award for Excellence in Art (2003), 29-year old Kristian’s style celebrates bold colours, with unbridled lines a signature of the collection, one that heralds a revival of neo-expressionism meets high-end street art.
Born with natural creativity and flair inherited by both parents, Kristian embarked on his artistic journey before he could reach an easel; his love for the brush and colour was natural. In 2009, he completed an undergraduate degree in creative industries majoring in visual art, and then further pursued his Masters of Creative Advertising. After success in both creative industries and high end fashion, last year he took that leap of faith, deciding to concentrate full time on his true passion - painting.
Always fascinated by the neo-expressionist movement, Kristian draws inspiration from the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Norris Embry; tapping into his own unique sense of artistic style, colour-coding and rhythm.
His work makes reference to the human condition, but also explores expressive directions that have created pieces of work that affirm the redemptive power of art in general and painting in particular. He regularly references mythological, cultural and surrealist themes – often waking up from a dream and painting what his mind just experienced.
On one end of the spectrum, his use of bold colours and violent emotive lines create very bold, statement pieces while other works are gentler, as they explore the quirkiness – almost tongue in cheek humour - of the human soul.