Katrina Read

Katrina Read has painted for as long as she remembers. After a career in the advertising industry while contributing to corporate art projects, she committed herself to painting as a full-time artist.
Between 2004 and 2009, Katrina’s work has significantly increased in both demand and value. Now painting from her home studio in the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales, Australia, Katrina has achieved notorious success as an artist in these last few years.
Katrina’s work has been exhibited across Australia, Singapore, New York and the Caribbean. By invitation, her works were exhibited for the World Presidents Organization in Canada, a rare opportunity. Her works have been featured in “The Artist Palette Magazine,” “Queensland Homes,” “Art Gallery Guide” and “Ish, Singapore.”
Inspired by the elements and aspects of nature, Katrina’s surroundings captivate her. She is interested in how both natural and environmental light enhance and allow discovery of artistic and figurative elements for the viewer. Katrina experiments with light and depth in all her work.
The Prosperity series features carefully observed and boldly depicted koi fish suspended either in the inky blackness of the deep or basking in the sun-touched, pebble-bottomed rivers.

The realistic images of fish are rendered even more lifelike by the final rippling layer of high gloss varnish on the canvas. Glistening just as water in motion would, the image seems to swim with the motions of the koi.
At once calming and fascinating, the Prosperity series is a reaction to the awe felt by the artist in the face of nature. With every pebble delicately constructed, and every fish-scale detailed, these meticulous works of art demand continued interest and discovery.