John Waller

As an abstract expressionist, John Waller’s artworks reveal themselves to be eloquent and orchestrated as he explores the infinite gestural and expressive possibilities of his chosen medium.Emitting a true sense of authority, Waller’s thin layers and glazes of paint appears to glow throughout the canvas. Up close, his paint surfaces are light, crisp and tastily executed - at a distance, the eye is stimulated by the razzle-dazzle of Waller’s vivid colours and energised exuberance.
His abstract design represent the next step in a pictorial tradition that underpins much of Australian art. Using compositions derived from the rural landscape that Waller grew up in, a distinct emotional connection is sensed between artist and country. Waller stretches and flattens aerial views of these familiar Australian landscapes into mastered sequences of geometric abstraction. The optical pull of this abstraction is clearly at play in the way he uses zones of hot/advancing and cool/receding colour, resulting in stunning artwork that vibrates between flat-design and spatial-landscape. Reacting against different lights, Waller’s artwork will distinctly change character in the morning, afternoon and night, as different resonances are brought forward. Growing up in Mildura, country Victoria, Waller observed the flat plains and ochre coloured wheat fields that today echo through his work. After completing degrees in Sculpture at RMIT, Waller has gone on to exhibit both nationally and internationally, as well as having artwork in prestigious private and public collections including the La Trobe University Art Collection and ArtBank Australia. John Waller’s artwork has cemented itself as being sophisticated, collectable and timelessly Australian.