Jimmy James Kouratoras

Jimmy James Kouratoras is an Auckland based artist whose work depicts a rich, almost decadent examination of contemporary culture.
Babies mix with dragons, trees-of-life are hung with skater girls, and there is a strong impression of the artist’s Greek and Maori heritage. At 45 years old, Kouratoras has only recently started exhibiting his work outside his native New Zealand, although he has been painting ardently since the 80’s and has over two decades of experiences as a film scenic. He describes his work as “much more than a hybrid or fusion, but a deliberate layering of story and truth that will reveal itself to the
beholder through a series of vibrant textures, patterns and imagery.”

Heavily influenced by the spiritual beliefs and culture of the Maori people, his work sets its anchor in indigenous belief systems centered around human beings’ connection to the earth, ancestral wisdom and transcendental knowing. Layering, says Kouratoras, holds an esteemed place within Maori culture, and this is something reflected in his complex yet inviting creations.

Jimmy Kouratoras participated in Rosanna Raymond’s SaVAge K’lub project in the 2015 APT8 at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.