Introducing new artist: Miriam Innes


18 Mar Introducing new artist: Miriam Innes

REDSEA Gallery is delighted to present Miriam Innes to our stable of artists.

Miriam Innes is best known for her bold, dynamic and large charcoal drawings executed on canvas and paper. The exaggerated perspective and tonal precision of her pieces is produced by utilising the most elemental of materials: charcoal.

Her most recently completed work of a New York street scene features various quintessential New York buildings and spans over 4 metres in length. With a bright passion for the variety of architecture found throughout the different boroughs of New York City, Miriam combines architecture styles in one complete image. The grid of the iconic fire escapes mix with the European influence of brick window ledges and balconies. She continues to push the limits of her medium, mastering and controlling its yielding disposition to produce her charcoal pieces with continuous dynamic results.

For more information, CLICK HERE to view Miriam Innes’ profile.

Email or call (07) 3162 2230

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