How to Hang Art at Home

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22 Dec How to Hang Art at Home

Everyone’s first time hanging an artwork is always slightly awkward. A mess of measuring tape, spirit levels, pencils, d-rings, wire and the list just goes on. Here are a few tips to make hanging artwork in your home less of an ordeal.

1. Hanging your art at eye level. Now we know this is a broad term, so by eye level we mean the middle of the painting should sit approx 150cm from the ground.

2. Picture hooks. They come in a range of sizes and might look dainty, but they are called picture hooks for a reason – physics is at play here with the angle of the nail. Don’t be afraid to use two if the work is large and they can support the d-rings.

3. Screw D-rings in you the canvases frame. They add extra support and no fiddling with wire. Just make sure your measurements are spot on. (Don’t screw them in at the very top of the frame- leave a bit of room).

4. If you are placing your artwork above your sofa or a piece of furniture, try and leave about 20cm between the two.

5. The ratio should balance – for example, the artwork should be half the width of the sofa.

6. Bigger can sometimes be better. You don’t want your piece to get lost in a big room, unless you are doing a collection of smaller framed works. A large canvas can create a focal point and a beautiful atmosphere for the room filling it with colour and life.

7. Be ready to receive a mountain of compliments and conversation over your new piece.

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(Image features work by artist, Astrid Dalh). 

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