September 12th – October 8th

REDSEA Gallery is excited to ‘welcome you to the Alterverse’ this October with the latest collection of paintings by Brisbane artist, Gary Winfield. It is at the edge of consciousness that we can access other alterverses. Gary Winfield describes the theory of alterverses and the Surrealist movement as influences of his vivid colour manipulations. “Welcome to the Alterverse” features a new collection of works that capture Winfield’s ideas of philosophy, reality and states of consciousness.


The world is quantum in nature presented as a set of co-existing classical worlds or realities. Consciousness separates these worlds into subjective reality examining the chain of alternatives in the subsequent time moment. It is at the edge of consciousness that we can access other alterverses. This allows consciousness to shape the reality in which it lives. Consequently, these images are outside the pictorial tradition. They are images of things we can’t possibly see.


Gary Winfield draws parallels between the thinking of Surrealism and the current thinking on quantum consciousness. The Surrealists were informed in physics, philosophy, psychology and psycho-analysis, biology, anthropology and sociology. Their aim was to rethink the relationship between external phenomena and the inner being with the twin objective of transforming the world and changing human consciousness. Surrealism was very much an art and science movement.

Graduate from USQ with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) in 2010, Gary Winfield is interested in current thinking on consciousness – what it is and where it is. His aim is to create images of the space of consciousness that are pre-concept, pre-percept and pre-imagination.

Concepts of consciousness and colour theory blend together seamlessly, creating works of art that evolve from scientific research into canvases that now hang in private art collections in both Australia and Singapore. Even though he is still an emerging Australian artist, Gary Winfield has stolen the hearts of art collectors both throughout Australia and internationally.


For more information and prices, email enquiries@redseagallery.com or call the gallery on (07) 3162 2230.