Brycen Horne

Submerged within Brycen Horne’s watery worlds is an inherent tranquillity- illuminating and drifting throughout his all of his photographs. The play of light that seduces the open water is a product of this tranquillity as Horne’s delicate work proves a highly resolved visual style. These images are created by overlaying a long exposure of ocean landscape, before immersing the nude figure underwater upon the same frame. Here, this double exposure allows Horne to extract layers of floating textures and forms from the images, capturing inspiration from the ocean, empty landscapes and the human figure. Brycen Horne began his career in photography at The Sydney Darkroom; hand–printing and processing black and white film. After finding a 16mm Bolex at a garage sale, he started to shoot time lapse which inspired his passion for film. He then worked as a Clapper-Loader and Focus-Puller before shooting music videos, films and TVCs as a Director of Photography.
He has worked in New Zealand shooting for Director James Pilkington with The Sweet Shop and has worked on films such as The Great Gatsby (2013) and Yogi Bear (2010). Today, Brycen is based Brisbane and is an exhibiting Stills photographer. As well as several solo exhibitions, he has also exhibited in group shows with Bill Henson, and has been a finalist in the Cromwell’s Art Prize.