Capturing the magic and awe of nature is Agus’ greatest source of inspiration. Fascinated with the universe, and all things that make life a wonder to behold, Agus translates this wonderment into his spectacularly detailed paintings.

Whether it be the magnificence of Sakura (cherry blossoms) or view of hundreds of birds flocking to enchanted wetlands, Agus’s depiction of natural phenomena appears almost desperately to try to capture the fleeting moments of everyday natural magic. The blooms of the Sakura flowers convey a message of prosperity, beauty and peace.

Believing that, "We are what we see", Agus illuminates his creations with the life and vitality of the nature around him. The variety of techniques used in a single artwork not only demonstrate Agus’ immense technical skill but also demonstrate a unique practice unconfined by formality.

Born in Indonesia in 1971 to a family with an artless background, Agus was strongly influenced by his natural surroundings. As he recalls, it was the beauty of nature itself that inspired the artist to first pick up a brush and capture his vision on canvas. After completing his formal high school education, the self-taught artist focused entirely on painting. His curiosity and desire to learn lead him to befriend and undertake mentorship with some of Indonesia's most prominent artists.

Since 1995, Agus has been selling his work professionally and has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Indonesia and Hong Kong. He was included in a powerful solo exhibition at the Ritz Cartlon Hotel, Jakarta titled 'Message from Heaven' and reflected on the 2006 earthquake and the 2010 eruption of Mount Merapi in Java.

Agus’ artistic standing continues to grow both within Indonesia and internationally, and is greatly admired by his emerging Australian audience. Agus has been selected as one of three artists from the REDSEA Gallery to have their work animated and projected upon the Brisbane cityscape for the G20 summit in November.