6 Tips On Buying Art For Your Home

Grandfather's Farm II, 198cm x 120cm  $4,200.00

18 Dec 6 Tips On Buying Art For Your Home

Art can bring energy into your home, change the ambiance of the room and create beautiful memories of a moment in time in your life. Here are some quick tips on helping you decide how to choose that work of art.

1. Decide on a location

Bedroom, dining room and of course the living room are all suitable locations for a canvas. Choose a blank wall and map out the desired length and width. Start looking at your furnishings and existing colour palette.

2. Set a budget

Set a budget and work within it so you don’t regret your purchase. Artworks can range in price according to a lot of different variables. The more established the artist and the size of the canvas are some points to consider.

3. Colours and themes

A strong artwork will always hold its own even if it doesn’t quite match everything in the room. Think about if you want the piece to compliment your existing decor, or if you want it to stand out and be the statement in the room.

4. Good lighting

Consider if the room has natural lighting or if it is a dark room, painted or otherwise. This will dictate whether you want to brighten up the location with a vibrant abstract work, or choose a collection, perhaps a diptych to create conversation.

5. The question of framing

Many canvases look best when unframed, but when framed correctly, colours pop and the overall effect can add a sense of luxury or formality.

6. Buy what you love

Purchase a work of art which provokes emotion or moves you. Avoid what’s trendy or a ‘good investment’ and buy it because you simply love it.

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    Another important thing – have in mind that your choice in art tells a lot about your personality.

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      Enlightening the world, one helpful article at a time.

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